"I wanted to write in to express my extreme gratitude to Satinder Globalworldtech, I have spent the last 2 years trying to get a site ranked on page one, by google!!! Yes 2 years, I heard of Globalworldtech through an other company who sang their praises so thought I would give them a try.
        - Jennifer Crowther
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Working with Web Designers

Individual Web Designers who have complex websites to develop and maintain can contact us at gwt@globalworldtech.com . We are currently working together with Harvinder Singh (Kapil) , Indian based in Italy. he is a graphics designer and he is currently developing websites for La Sapienza the Rome university. We are working in close contact with him for designing our website.

Working together with GWT, Web designers can take over bigger projects without any hesitation.

While web designers still do graphics, GWT with it's technical abilities can provide database connectivity using APC-AA or any other technology wherever possible.

GWT's programmers work in close contact with Web designers. Check our communication and How a project works? pages.

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