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How we work together with Overseas Companies?

Stage 1: Appointing key persons

Our cooperation with clients is based on a "single communication channel" approach. This means that the client appoints someone who will be our single communication point for all official project-related issues and we assign a project manager who will be the only person for all official interactions between GWT and the client.
� GWT's Project Manager
� Client's Project Coordinator/Manager

Stage 2: Start-up

The stage starts by studying the initial system requirements provided by the client.

Stage 3: Design and Development

While high level design and writing functional specification documentation are taken care of by the client, GWT starts putting together a team of experienced software professionals who will start writing code in close coordination with Client's Project Manager. Note that communication is the key issue here, that's why this key person on client's side holds much value to the development of the software.

Stage 4: Quality Assurance

After development stage begins the Quality Assurance procedures. In parallel, dedicated technical writers develop user documentation (if applicable)

Stage 5: Commissioning

Commissioning implies installation of the final product on the client's premises, field testing by the client's personnel and processing feedback from the client's field testers.
� Final system delivery
� Feedback from the client's field testers

Stage 6: On-going maintenance

We implement additional features requested by the client and fix defects found during the warranty. A new project can be started anytime, but we do not hold team in place unless we have agreed with the client on an ODC (Offshore Development Center). This model is ideal for long-term relations. It ensures dedicated personnel and safeguards learnings
� Maintenance releases and patches

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