"I wanted to write in to express my extreme gratitude to Satinder Globalworldtech, I have spent the last 2 years trying to get a site ranked on page one, by google!!! Yes 2 years, I heard of Globalworldtech through an other company who sang their praises so thought I would give them a try.
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e-Commerce Websites:

An e-Commerce solution is one of the single greatest opportunities to target new customers and increase your company's success and profitability. Flexibility, Scalability and Security are key features of a GWT e-Commerce solution that will enable your company to quickly and effectively react to new opportunities, reduce time-to-market and operational costs and at the same time improve overall productivity.

To develop and implement a successful business website it should be designed by experienced professionals. A professionally designed website not only allows you to reach all potential customers for your products or services but if designed properly can create a feeling of stability and reliability about your organization. Having GWT designers create a custom designed website will also add to that feeling that yours is a well-reputed, established business. You want people to feel: "This is a company I feel comfortable doing business with."

An e-Commerce site developed by GWT will allow you to automate much of the sales process. These sites include Flash* plus a Content Management System** allowing on-going changes to your site to keeps users coming back.

GWT e-Commerce solutions offer these business benefits:

  • Create and maintain customer information allowing e-mail marketing
  • Establish a product database with words, images or illustrations
  • Sell products, services, documents or images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Automated Response System to automatically acknowledge orders or queries
  • Advertise specials or offer sales-generating online discounts
  • Automate much of the sales process
  • Offer secure, automated credit card processing such as Paypal
  • Receive and calculate shipping information
  • Maintain inventory control
  • Track sales and produce sales reports

* Flash is authoring software developed by Macromedia used to create graphics-based animation programs with full-screen navigation interfaces, graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity.

** A Content Management Systems (CMS) is a combination of large database, file system, and other related software modules which are used to store and later retrieve large amounts of data.

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