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Localization of the Software:

With the emergence of E-Business and the Internet, enterprises are increasingly recognizing that the successful globalization and localization of their products, services and Web sites is a strategic imperative and competitive requirement in their quest for global success. GWT provides a full spectrum of globalization and localization (G&L) services to enable greater worldwide communication, marketing, selling and fulfillment (among other areas) between and among an enterprise and its customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

The localization of a product, whether it is a software application or a Web site, means the full adaptation of the product for use in a different language. Apart from the translation itself, the localization includes adjustment of the product contents and appearance to the socio-cultural context and functional needs of the target audience - while maintaining the product's unique character, its code integrity and the message it conveys. Localizing your product requires more than just a superficial translation.

Our staff is well conversant in English and our German and Japanese speaking personnel will provide an efficient level of customer communication and understanding. So while you have software in your local language, you also have a copy of software for the whole world which is in English.

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